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We hold vast stocks of MaincaScharfenTalsa & Nowicki Bowl Choppers / Cutters. Table top & Floor standing. Bowl cutters are suitable for producing emulsion for a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan products.

Bowl Cutter | Bowl Chopper

High speed cutting machines for size reduction for various food products. Most commonly used to produce emulsion for sausage production. Extremely popular in European markets.


Test Kitchens – Small Scale

Looking to produce small batches / trials for a new product range? The Scharfen TC11 table top cutter is ideally suited for pilot plants & test kitchens. Simplistic / hygienic design allows for easy cleaning. Available in 1 & 3 phase. Various options available for the Scharfen TC11. Compact design and ease if use makes this a great addition to any NPD facility looking to produce emulsions.


Butchery – Medium Production 

Mainca bowl cutters are ideally suited for the butchery industry. They are very popular in the UK & Continental Europe due to their performance, reliability & competitive pricing. Equipped with 2 independent motors (1 for knife rotation & 1 for bowl rotation), they feature 2 cutting speeds as standard (optional variable speed). Suitable for processing products as cold as -20 °C. Capacities range from 14-75L. Nowicki’s Butchery range of high-speed cutters are designed to produce all kinds of meat stuffing with different degrees of crumbling and fat emulsions, also from raw skins. They are also used in the fish, confectionery, fruit and vegetable industries, as well as for the production of ready meals and pet food. Designed for small scale plants and catering plants; cutters of bowl capacity of 60, 90,125 l.

Industrial Cutters – Non Vacuum & Vacuum

Nowicki bowl cutters are suitable for industrial applications where continuous operation is required. Independent; powerful & reliable motors are the main reason why we choose to supply Nowicki cutters. These machines are very popular amongst the kebab manufacturing industry as well as meat, poultry, fish fruit & veg & pet food industries due to their industrial design, immense performance & competitive pricing. These industrial bowl choppers are complete with an intuitive touchscreen with joysticks for controlling the hydraulic loading & unloading arms on the machines. Nowicki’s industrial vacuum cutters bring many advantages over standard cutters such as increased protein binding, optimised product shelf life from reduced oxidation, & prolonged colour retention. Both non vacuum & vacuum models are available in 200, 330, 550 & 750L capacities. Emulsified product is then ready for further processing in the likes of a Rex Vacuum Filler.

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