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Automatic Vacuum Packing

Henkelman’s latest innovations include the 

automatic Titaan series in combination with

the new automatic Dip Tank 200 for 

demanding applications.

Industrial Processing Equipment

Lakidis manufacturers a wide range of

industrial food equipment including;

mixers, grinders, flakers 

& custom solutions.

Mixer Grinders

Thompson manufacturers strong & reliable

Mixer Grinders suitable for sausage & burger factories,

catering butchers, ready meal & frozen meat factories.

Vacuum Fillers

Want to improve your sausage production?

Looking for uniform weights & appearance?

Want extended shelf life?

Rex vacuum fillers have the solution.

Thermal Process Chambers

Reich guarantees faster process times, increased yields

& improved flavour for all thermal process treatments.

Vacuum Packers

Henkelman are the UK’s no 1

vacuum packing brand.

From table tops to factory ready

floor standing & double chambers.

Cooking Vessels

Agitator Tilting Cooking Vessels.

For Sauces, Soups, Meat, Fish & Ready Meals.

Capacities from 140-1000L.

Powered electrically or by steam generation.  

Formatic - R2200

Burger Machine

£4,699 + VAT

*includes free case of burger papers*

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Henkelman - Polar 2-50

Vacuum Packer

£8,197 + VAT

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Thompson – Omega

Mixer Grinder £9,385 + VAT

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Henkelman - Jumbo 42

Vacuum Packer

£1,279 + VAT 

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Mainca - FC12

Sausage Filler

£2,835+ VAT

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Lakidis - FR100

Frozen Block Flaker

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What our customers say

“We have had dealings with Windsor Food Machinery for the last 13 years and will continue to do business, as Tim Stuart and his team represent quality, reliability and a vast amount of knowledge. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Tim who is always professional and accommodating to our needs and is able to supply the newest and most innovative machinery products while at the same time having a service team that is committed to the maintenance of the equipment to keep our production operating without breakdown. I thoroughly trust Windsor Food Machinery to always offer the right equipment required as they are the epitome of customer service and would have great pleasure in recommending them to all that would listen”

Warren Bignall, Operations Director

“I recently purchased a Frey vacuum filler from Windsor. It allows me to make over 1000 kgs per day. Wish I had done it a few years ago! Thank you Josh & Tim”

Leroy Moore, Director


“We’ve dealt with Windsor Food Machinery for over 20 years. We have always found their service to be excellent and they have always given us the right advice on equipment for all our processing needs. We recently upgraded our Thompson mixer grinders to larger models to cope with the growth of our business. These are now being fed automatically by a Lakidis frozen block flaker via a flighted conveyor. The results have completely transformed our business.”  

Rob Hutchinson, Director

“We purchased a Thompson Mixer Grinder from Tim and the team at Windsor Food Machinery a few years ago now. This piece of equipment has become a vital part of our manufacturing room during the production of burgers and sausages. We were and still are amazed at how reliable the unit is and how well it has been designed. Compared with other mincers, it is noticeably easier to put large quantities of meat through the machine without any stalling and the mixing facility has proven to be extremely good and thorough compared to other brands. As we have grown as a business we have increased our sales immensley and the Thompson Mixer Grinder has helped us to do this. Despite putting it through its paces on a daily basis, we have never been let down and we don’t see any need to replace the old girl any time soon!”

Stephen Cook, Managing Director

I contacted Windsor food Machinery as I required a new vac pac machine, and 
I spoke to Josh who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, so I decided to go
for the Henkelman jumbo 42.
I was impressed that after payment I was informed that it would arrive the next day, and wow it did.
The Henkelman is outstanding and performs above all expectations easy to use and an asset to my business.
I can also highly recommend Windsor food Machinery for their speedy callout when we were having issues with our sausage stuffer. All fixed and running smoothly within 24 hours ,
Goodchilds of Walmer can’t thank you enough.

Dean Goodchild 


“Both our vacuum packer and our mincer are used a massive amount every day and I am probably tempting fate but have hardly ever let me down and on the odd occasion they do WFM are always very prompt at getting us going again. Both fantastic machines that I would personally recommend.”

Jon Thorner, Managing Director

“Select Butchery have trusted Tim’s advice for many years now, we went to him as we know we have a great product and we needed a machine to keep the standard just as high, it truly is a MEATMASTER!!”

Jack Griffin, Technical

“We have trusted Tim and Windsor Food Machinery team to help us buy the best, and most suitable machines for our business over the past 20 years.”

Danny Lidgate, Managing Director

“I have recently bought a new Henkelman vacuum packer and have been very pleased with it. I bought it from Windsor Food Machinery, a company who I have used before, as I have found them to be both reliable and competitively priced. I also purchased a Thompson mixer grinder, Formatic burger machine and Nock de-rinder from them several years ago. These machines are still working well today. I would recommend any fellow butchers to give Windsor Food Machinery a call.

Andrew Edmonds, Owner

Windsor Food Machinery LTD
Suppliers of Butchery Equipment

Windsor Food Machinery are a well-known and highly respected UK supplier of butchery equipment for meat and food processing. Based in Kent but able to supply to all UK destinations, Windsor Food Machinery offers a customer orientated service, supplying from stock, a comprehensive range of both new or second hand labour saving meat processing machinery. Whether you are looking for a burger or meatball machine, vacuum packer, diptank, meat mincer, sausage filler and mixer, cooked meat or bacon slicer, chop cutter, dicer, vacuum filler linker, smoker or drying cabinet, Windsor Food Machinery is the UK’s leading supplier to contact