New Chopcutters

Our range of chop cutters includes Treif & MHS high speed slicers. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Products such as bacon can be accurately sliced/portioned in seconds. Available with outfeed conveyors.

MHS Slicers – Chop Cutters

MHS manufacture commercial value for money high performance meat slicers. We supply the MHS ‘PCE’ range. Ideally suited for butcher shops, supermarket counters & other small – medium meat processing plants. When customers are looking to increase their bacon slicing capacity from flatbed bacon slicer’s, most of the time we would recommend, the PCE 70 – 21KS which is our best selling MHS machine. With single blade configuration the machine can make up to 220 slicers per minute. When adding the double blade this increases to 440 slicers per minute! Variable cutting thickness 1-32mm. Bacon can be processed down to -4°C.

Treif Slicers – Chop Cutters

Treif are the industry standard for all portion cutting, slicing & dicing applications. Treif manufacture stand alone; chop cutters, slicers & integrated intelligent portion cutting systems. Our best selling Treif slicing machine is the Puma series. It doesn’t matter if its to chop; steaks, cutlets, pork belly or meatloaf, whether its fresh, chilled or frozen down to – 4°C. As the blade is directly coupled to the drive motor, its cuts using the motors power at nearly 100 %. Optimum utilisation of the product, for example the product can be sectored into pre set slicing areas (E/EB). If you are looking to portion cut frozen products (down to -8°C), check out the Treif Dragon E Chop Cutter.

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