New Dicers

Suppliers of FoodLogistik & Treif Dicers. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Suitable for a wide variety of food applications including; Meat, Poultry, Fish & Cheese. We have a dicing machine for every application.

FoodLogistik Dicers 

FoodLogistik have been manufacturing high quality dicing machines for the food industry for over 40 years. Meat, fish, poultry & cheese products can be sliced, diced, strip cut, grated & shredded. The machines are constructed using high quality stainless steel and have been made to produce a ‘hand diced’ product appearance using precision cutting technologies. Our bestselling entry level machine is the FoodLogistik Classic 96. Spacious product chamber with 90x90mm cross section. 310mm max product length. Up to 1,100Kg/h. Blade sets are interchangeable for different products. Wide range of attachments available for cheese & vegetable applications.

Treif Dicers

Treif are the industry standard for all slicing, dicing & portion cutting applications. Treif offers compact stand alone machines, as well as complete turn key solutions for all your dicing requirements. Designed for meat, poultry, fish & vegetable applications. These dicing machines are extremely flexible, with a vast range of cutting attachments available. One of Treif’s unique benefits is the DHS (dynamic hydraulic system). This allows the dicers to double the cutting length (per stroke) whilst operating with reduced cutting pressure. This lowers product temperature increase & in turn prolongs shelf life. Our best selling meat dicer is the Treif FelixNow available in 1 phase for those who do not have 3 phase power supply. If you require a machine to discharge into 200L tote bins, check out the Treif Twister.

Vegetable Dicers

Not all conventional meat dicers are capable of cutting vegetable products into cubes. If you are looking for a high throughput machine to slice / dice fruits & vegetables, check out the JayCraft 2D Dicer. With its 3 dimensional cutting system, it has the capability to cut apples, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes & various other products 3,5,10,15 & 20mm. Up to 350Kg/h. It is simple in design, easy to use, reliable and very low maintenance. The guarded outfeed chute can discharge into eurocrates for further processing. This machine is ideal for raw pet food producers, who require large quantities of vegetables to be processed.

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