New Tenderisers

Our range includes table top as well as fully automatic in-line tenderisers. Both needle & slasher type. Brands include: BizerbaEVYLKTScharfen & Tenderstar. Meat flatteners from Lakidis.

Tenderisers – Needle Type 

Needle Tenderising inserts multiple needles into a meat product. This makes the product tender & jucier. The holes allow better marinade absorption for the product bringing increased flavour with a shorter cycle time. Enhance your marinading process with a vacuum tumbler. We supply a vast range of needle tenderising machines. We have manual tenderisers with sliding boards and pull down handles – Tenderstar Econox. If you want a machine to do all the work, check out the Tenderstar TSHY semi automatic tenderiser. If you require a completely automated (in-line) solution, Tenderstar have that covered with the TS AB in line tenderiser.

Tenderisers – Slasher Type

Meat products are passed through a pair of knife rollers which insert small incisions, also known as lacerating. This improves the products tenderness, absorption of marinade & shortens cooking time. We supply manual & automatic slasher tenderisers. KT PK  ‘Letterbox’ type for small processors. Interchangeable blade types for fast product changeovers. The EVYL E-TR in-line Tenderizer is built for continuous usage. Featuring a wire belt transport system, the product is carried between the height adjustable top & bottom lacerating knives. It has a usable belt width of 400mm & variable speed control. It can be used in conjunction with the Lakidis FL250 Flattener for perfect product uniformity.

Meat Flattener 

Whole muscle’s come in all different shapes and sizes. Certain products require a consistent thicknesses to be achieved. Flatteners are perfect for products such as chicken breast fillets, fresh pork, beef, veal, kebab & schnitzels. The KT Alp Press is a great semi automatic meat flattening machine. If you want to automate your flattening production, check out the Lakidis FL250. Designed to Lakidis’ usual high standards. Thickness is gently reduced throughout the flattening process, surface area is increased. Great results are achieved with minimal product loss. Featuring a 250mm belt width with height adjustment & variable speed control. Complete with wire belt exit conveyor for easy product handling for further processing. If you are looking for a wider flattening belt, Lakidis now produce the FL600 Meat Flattener.


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