Vacuum Tumblers

New Vacuum Tumblers

We supply a comprehensive range of vacuum tumblers. Both tabletop & floor standing. Brands include LakidisScharfen & Promarks. Available in 1 & 3 phase. Suitable for a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan products.

Table Top Vacuum Tumblers

Made for customers processing small batches of marinated products. Vacuum tumblers drastically increase meat & fish product’s marinade absorption speed. These marinating tumblers gently mix / massage products, to achieve a homogenous blend. The Promarks TM40 is ideal for NPD plants & Test kitchens looking to innovate new recipes. If you need a table top blending / tumbling machine with additional capacity, check out the Scharfen HR2035. It can be equipped with either a 25,35 or 50L hopper. Complete with liquid trap to preserve the vacuum pump. Computer control allows 11 programmes to be stored. Hygienic design makes it very easy to clean.

Floor Standing Vacuum Tumblers 

Suitable for small – medium scale processors. Our range of floor standing tumbling machines are capable of processing a wide variety of meat & fish products. The Lakidis TBL90 is a great choice for customers looking to mix, salt, marinade & tumble products. The 90L tilting drum ensures easy product loading / unloading. Programmable control system – rotational speed, direction, vacuum strength & cycle time can be adjusted. If you need a mixer / massager tumbling machine with larger capacity check out the Promarks TM150. The ‘cement mixer’ style tumblers are available in 150300 & 500L capacities. The variable speed drums offer an optimum massaging action and gentle treatment of the products for improved marinade absorption.

Industrial Vacuum Tumblers

Promarks’ industrial vacuum tumbling range – Manufactured to the highest standards. Suitable for large meat & fish processors who require continuous operation. Capacities range from 10004000L. These variable speed mixing tumblers are equipped with Busch vacuum pumps, PV-03 microprocessor & reverse discharge function. They can be configured with many options including; PLC controllers, load (weighing) cells, meat buggy & vacuum loading systems, as well as conveyorised unloading systems depending on the level of automation required. Its safe to say these vacuum massagers have the performance, reliability and represent excellent value when compared to the competition. These machines are often used after the tenderising process to achieve optimal product absorption results.

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