Coating & Frying Lines

Coating & Frying Lines

We supply Deighton Forming, Battering, Breading & Frying Systems. Manufactured in the UK. Modular design – Machines can be stand alone or part of a whole production line. Conveyor widths from 200mm to 600mm. Fryers can be Electric or Gas powered.

Pre Dusting

Deighton’s EconopreDust – automates the application of a ‘light dust / flour coating’ for a wide variety of food products. This improves the batter adhesion process. The EconopreDust can be a stand alone dusting machine or integrated as part of the Deighton Econoline. Available in 200,300,400 & 600mm belt widths. The variable speed transport conveyor is submerged in bed of flour, which ensures an even, homogenous coverage for the underside of the product. The conveyor takes the product through a recirculating dust shower to complete top side flour coverage. At the end of the conveyor, the pre dusting machine features an air knife with variable pressure. This removes any excess flour / dust, prior to batter application / further processing.

Batter Applicators

Deighton produce two types of enrobing machines. The Econorobe Weir is designed to apply a high quality coverage of adhesive batters & viscous marinades for a wide range of meat, fish, ethnic, vegetable & vegan products. Its variable speed conveyor, transports the products through a ‘batter puddle’ and a ‘batter shower’ for optimum coverage. Continuous use – the batter is constantly recirculated. From the tank, it passes through a filter basket, before being centrifugally pumped back to the shower.  The Econorobe Dip is designed for the application of tempura & high viscosity batters, where recirculation pumps are not preferable. Instead products are fully submerged with a top hold down belt. Both applicators feature a variable pressure air knife to remove excess batter prior to crumbing / further processing. Available in 200,300,400 & 600mm belt widths.

Crumbing Machines

Deighton’s Econocrumb range has been designed specifically to automate the crumbing process for formed / battered products. Suitable for a wide variety of bread crumbs including Japanese crumbs. The conveyor is submerged with a bed of crumb, covering the underside of the product. The product is transported through a crumbing shower to ensure remaining areas are coated. The crumbs are gently compacted once the product passes the compression roller. Final stage is the variable pressure air knife to remove excess crumb before frying / further processing. Available in 200,300,400 & 600mm belt widths.

Continuous Fryers 

Deighton’s Econofry range have the ability to flash fry or fully cook a wide variety of products. They are available in 3 & 5m lengths. 200,300,400 & 600mm belt widths. Can be electrically heated or powered by gas. Low density, long life heating elements help prevent oil from carbonising, prolonging cooking oil life. The sediment removal system uses an independently driven scraper which removes carbonised pieces & sediment through a self cleaning slotted filter plate. The oil is then pumped through two stainless steel filter baskets to further remove fine particles from the oil. This is all done continuously so that the fryer remains fully operational at all times.

Deighton Econoline

The Deighton Econoline’s are designed to automate all food formingbatteringbreading & frying processes. Ideally suited for medium – large scale producers. The systems offer an effective, yet affordable in-line solution. The 200mm line was introduced to help small business streamline their production by moving away from labour intensive processing. The 300,400 & 600mm lines are disrupting the industry, with their high performance, reliability & low cost. Due to the modular design, the Econoline’s are suitable for both whole muscle & formed food products including chicken breast, burgers, chicken nuggets, fish cakes, fish fingers, crisps, battered sausages, mushrooms as well as a wide variety of other meat, fish, potato, ethnic, vegetable & vegan products.

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