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Sausage Mixer | Burger Mixer – Supplied brands include Mainca & Lakidis mixing machines.  We stock single paddle, twin paddle & Z-arm mixers. Suitable for meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan products. Capacities range from 20L-1500L. View our refurbished mixers here.


The art of sausage & burger making is truly a speciality in the UK. It is important to have a homogenous product blend for consistency. We would recommend the Mainca kneader mixers which are available in capacities ranging from 20-200L. They feature a single mixing shaft with 2 directional paddles; forward for mixing & reverse for kneading (to remove air out of mix). The bowl’s are tilt-able in order to discharge product into trays ready for sausage filling / burger forming. Although the Mainca paddle mixers are designed primarily for meat products, they have proved to be effective in providing homogenous blends for doughs, vegetarian, vegan & confectionary products. These mixers are available in 1 & 3 phase power configurations.


Lakidis twin shaft paddle mixers are powerful, reliable & competitively priced commercial mixing machines. Suitable for high volume, sausage & burger production. Also suitable for mixing other meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan products. Bowl capacities range from 180 – 1500L. Front opening to allow products to easily discharge into 200L tote bins. The Lakidis paddle mixer range can be configured with vacuum pumps to remove the air out of the mix. The vacuum pump removes the air out of the mix which helps to shorten the mixing cycle. Lakidis mixers (PL300 & above) are available with 200L tote bin hoists. Various other options are available upon request including; automatic lid & front cover opening & closing, polished bowls, polished paddles & water dosing systems.


For doughs, vegetarian, vegan & kebab mixes. Where conventional paddle mixers are not powerful enough to provide homogenous blends, Lakidis Z-Arm’s are the industry standard for mixing of heavy, sticky & difficult to discharge products. Featuring two intermeshing Z geometry mixing arms which keeps mixing time to a minimum. The PZ500 & PZ1000 have 200L tote bins hoists, hydraulic lid opening / closing & tilt-able bowl’s for ease of product loading/ unloading. Optional vacuum systems are also available. Some of our customers have 4 x Lakidis Z-Arm Mixers in one site. Lakidis is the go to choice for industrial food mixing applications due to their high performance, heavy duty construction and competitive pricing.

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