Cooking Vessels

New Cooking Vessels

Our range of cooking vessels includes direct, in-direct, oil jacketed, & agitator tilting vessels.Brands supplied include; AscoliCP RoseJumainox & Talsa. Capacities range from 25-1000L. Suitable for a wide variety of products including; hams, stocks, broths, soups, sauces, ready meals etc.

Water Boilers | Ham Cookers

Suitable for butchers, & small scale food processors. Perfect for cooking hams. We supply Ascoli & CP Rose Cookers. Both manufactured to high standards in the United Kingdom. Lids insulate the top of the water cookers to stop any unwanted vapour / odour from being released to atmosphere. 2 heating sources available. Ring elements – underneath the cooking pan. Grid elements – immersed in water. Available with clarifying baskets.

Oil Jacketed Cookers 

We supply high quality thermal insulated water boilers from Talsa. Manufactured to the highest standards in Spain. Talsa offers excellent cookers at affordable prices. Wide capacity range available. From Talsa REA 165 – Talsa REA750. Can be electrically heated or powered by gas. Available with removable clarifying baskets for products such as black & white pudding etc.. Complete with Aditec controllers for ease of programming.

Agitator Tilting Cookers

Jumainox manufacture industrial quality vessels with scrape surface mixing arms. For cooking, mixing, sautéing & cooling*. Suitable for products where agitation is required which include: sauces, soups, meat, poultry & fish based ready meals etc.. Various capacities available. Starting with 140L. Larger industrial models feature Siemens touchscreen controllers as standard. Such as the 1000L with hydraulic cover opening. Jumainox agitator tilting cooking vessels can be electrically powered as standard. Can also be powered by external steam generators.

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