Nowicki MA 500 PS (CH) Vacuum Tumbler


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Nowicki MA 500 PS Tilting Vacuum Tumbler

Available with cooling jacket with the MA 500 PSCH model

1. Application
The vacuum tumbler is designed for WET AND DRY MARINATION, tenderising and softening the meat in vacuum during the production of ham, shoulder, sirloin, bacon, and very soft pieces of chicken (chicken breasts) as well as chicken quarters. A properly selected shape of the paddles in the drum, and wide adjustment range of vacuum, rotations and the work period and original system of chilling the drum casing enables to achieve the required quality parameters of the tenderised meat, to increase the output of the finished product, to achieve the optimum binding of proteins, and to reduce the mixing time to a minimum*. with no negative effect on appearance of fresh meat muscles.
* chilled tumbler

2. Standard equipment
 Acid resistance – complete stainless steel construction, grade 304 (AISI)
 Construction according to CE directives
 Construction meeting the highest hygienic requirements
 Precisely designed and manufactured drum with baffles ensures gentle and consistent tumbling/ marinating perfectly polished inside for chicken production.
 Micro-computer control with infinitely variable speed control, vacuum level, timers and temperature, as well as monitoring of all parameters, deferred starting and pulsating vacuum

 Inspection opening which also allows vacuum loading
 Brine valve to suck the brine inside the drum during work
 Double external vacuum traps to protect the vacuum pump before flooding
 BUSCH vacuum pump
 SEW /NORD gear box to drive the drum
 Feet with height regulation under the tumbler

 Vacuum suction from front side to secure the highest hygienic levels inside the drum
 Inner surface of drum is polished to get a better on big muscles massaging and fragile poultry bone-in products

MA-500 PSCH additionally:
 Triple isolated coat cooling jacket with glycol cooling agent.
 Insulated jacket allows for massaging of products without any affects on product inside the drum.
 Cooling unit to be placed away of tumbler with agent Freon 449A. Strong to work with temperature + 44 C. Really enables to chill down the tumbler with product down to +1 C
 Temperature sensor

Pic. System of paddles + polished inside surface of the drum.

Vacuum tumbler + with swingle arm so operator doesn’t have to carry it manually.

3. Control system
 Microprocessing control unit with a possibility of programming up to 30 technological programs
 HMI : Control panel based on 5,7 inch touch panel : MITSUBISHI
 All electronics based on Mitsubishi
 Operator-friendly lay out on the touch panel for operator. Colorful and intuitive.
 ENGLISH language as communicative language
 Maintaining the massaging process at required temperature.
 Exact measurement and temperature control.
 Easy to operate control panel in front of the machine (the opening hole).
 Progressive starting up to 600 hours ahead.
 1 program = 6 cycles
 1 cycle = 2 steps
 Programming and control electronically of vacuum.
 AUTO MODE / Manual Mode
 Automatic unloading and easy cleaning.
 Protective shield on the operator’s panel
 IP 67

4. Technical data

REAL Drum capacity dm3 530
Maximum load per batch kg Beef/veal up to 190 l of ready prouct

Poultry breasts  170 of ready product

CHICKEN WINGS/NECKS:150 KG of ready produc

Time of processing for chicken quarters Min 20-45 minutes .
Time of processing for beef / pork Depends on process up to 8 h
Drum speed-rpm rpm 0÷15
Obtainable vacuum psi 0,7252 [lbf/in2] = 95% vacuum
Supply voltage and frequency* V;50 Hz 400V / 3ph / 50 Hz
Installed power kW 2,8
Type of cooling unit** ZCH-2
Dimensions:        L=length mm 2250
B=width mm 1200
H=height mm 1560
Weight kg 650/4500 (non cooling)

Extra equipment:
• Price: Mechanical loading unit type WP-1 for 200 liters trolleys.
• Loading capacity ab. 250 kg•

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