Ekomex XL Vacuum Tumbler 2000-6000L


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Model: MV2000 / MV3000 / MV4000 / MV6000 /
Cooling version: MV2000C / MV3000C / MV4000C / MV6000C

Vacuum tumblers are mainly used in the meat and poultry industry. They are designed for vacuum treatment of meat elements of various sizes, both large and small red meat elements, and delicate processing of poultry elements such as wings, legs, fillet. In addition to the tumbling process, controlled curing processes can be carried out, marinating raw materials with or without bones.

Vacuum tumblers XL – functions

The special internal construction of the drum, vacuum and the automatic control allow an accelerated and precise technological process of tumbling, plastifying, salting and marinating of various kinds of meat elements.

Machine enables effective standardisation, weight optimisation, protein binding, better microbiological safety, colour, appearance and quality of the product.

Features of vacuum tumblers

The drum of the tumbler has a suitable polished construction, developed on the basis of many years of experience. During rotation, the meat rotates with simultaneous sliding on diagonally angled, rounded fins. Option of quick aeration through pneumatic valve in the cover improves the hygiene level additionally. 

Vacuum tumblers are characterized with high durability and efficiency without excessive service and maintenance costs. All capacities of tumblers are designed with the assumptions for highly industrial machines.

Cooling version

Tumblers in the version with a cooling jacket, marked C, are available in all offered capacities.

Insulated cooling jacket on the outer perimeter of the drum provides maintaining optimum meat temperature during the tumbling process.


Additional equipment:

* Hydraulic or column loader for standard 200l trolleys or palbox containers

* Cooling jacket

* Cooling unit

* Conveyor/ belt loader

* Automatic dosage of water and brine

* Hydraulic system for adjusting the drum angle

* Weighing frame (tensometers)


  • Models
    MV2000 / MV3000 / MV4000 / MV6000
  • Drum volume
    2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000 liters
  • Maximum standard payload
  • Smooth adjustment of the drum rotation
    1-8 RPM / 1- 9 RPM / 1- 9 RPM / 1- 10 RPM
  • Cover Cover handling
    Manual with optional mechanical arm
  • PLC control
    touch screen
  • Power drive
    4 kW / 4 kW / 5,5 kW / 11 kW
  • Vacuum pump efficiency:
    60m3/h / 60m3/h / 100m3/h / 100m3/h
    MV2000C / MV3000C / MV4000C / MV6000C
  • Circulation pump power
    0,37 kW
  • Cooling efficiency
    8,9 kW

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