Ekomex Industrial Twin Paddle Mixers 600-6300L


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Model ML600 / ML750 / ML1000 / ML1200 / ML1500 / ML2000 / ML3000 / ML4600 / ML6300

Paddle or spiral mixers – two-shaft ML series, are designed for mixing and standardising stuffing in meat, poultry, sausage, delicatessen, fish, fruit and vegetable, confectionery, children’s food and pet food plants.

Especially dedicated for the production of sausage, ham and canned stuffing, sausage products, both high-performance and traditional.

A wide range of applications is obtained through the appropriate design of the bowl and shovels, placed at the right angle on two mixing shafts.

The mixers are characterised by high durability and efficiency without excessive service and operating costs.

All sizes of mixers have been designed as highly industrial devices.

Vacuum versions:

The vacuum version is available in all offered capacities.

In vacuum mixers, the mixing process is accelerated, also increasing the technological scope. It is possible to obtain a better effect of standardisation, structure, appearance, colour and efficiency in the production of various stuffing, especially in the field of meat processing. The system of smooth adjustment of the speed of the mixing shafts of an appropriate shape, additionally enables the massaging of small meats, the production of coarse minced meat stuffing to obtain products such as ‘ham’ sausage which requires maintaining the appropriate section.

PLC control enables motor load control, clear operation, current regulation, programming, archiving and saving of program parameters on the touch panel.


Additional equipment:

*Column loader for standard trolleys 200 l.
*Conveyor loader
*Automatic dosing of water, oil, brine
*Loose product dosing system
*Water tensometers
*Cooling system
*Heating system

  • Models
    ML600 / ML750 / ML1000 / ML1200 / ML1500 ML2000 / ML3000 / ML4600 / ML6300
  • Mixing container capacity
    600 / 750 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 4600 / 6300 l
  • Maximum payload
    70 ÷ 80 %
  • Smooth mixing speed adjustment
    5 ÷ 30 rpm (frequency inverter)
  • Top cover/ top grating operation
  • Front discharge flaps
    2 pcs. left – right pneumatically operated
  • Vacuum pump – model ‘V’ (vacuum)
    Capacity from 40 up to 300 m³/h
  • Independend drives for mixing shafts through 2 motoreducers
    Power from 6,0 up to 60 kW
  • Shaft sealings in the hygiene zone
    Multistep, with quick exchange
  • Unloading height
    Standard 200 l trolleys, bigboxes, dolavs, buffer containers, transporters, conveyers
  • Anti-slip working platform
    Free standing
  • Operating panel and control unit

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