Maja ESB-GV Poultry Skinner


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Versatile application

The MAJA ESB 4434 GV is a universal poultry skinner for automatic skinning of fresh cuts coming from dry or wet chilling, e.g. chicken breast, chicken carcass (with bones), chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, complete chicken leg as well as turkey thigh and turkey breast.

Smooth processing for excellent product quality

The tooth shape of the transport roller and the special MAJA poultry skinning knife help to reach the best possible skinning result without damaging neither the sensitive poultry meat, nor the removed skin. Advantage: The skin can be used for further processing and be sold at a higher price.

The transport roller is continuously cleaned from skin waste by compressed air (air filter system included). As no water is used for transport roller cleaning, the skin can be used for secondary processing as an additional income source.

The pressure unit automatically adjusts the pressure to the individual product height, ensuring perfect pressure for each type of product.


  • Perfect product infeed allows precise skin removal from any type of poultry cuts
  • Smooth processing without damages neither to the sensitive poultry meat, nor to the removed skin
  • No meat residuals on the product for increased profit
  • Long lifetime skinning knives – reduced TCO
  • Two skinning speeds at the operator’s choice for very gentle skinning or high speed throughput.
  • Universal use as standalone skinning solution or for integration into poultry deboning lines.
  • High operator safety level in accordance with European regulations EN 12355 for skinning machines
  • Easy and time-saving cleaning and upkeep, as all machine cleaning-relevant parts can be removed with a few simple steps, without the use of tools.


Cutting width 434 mm (17.0”)
Width of machine
with adjustment lever
853 mm (33.6”)
Depth of machine
with infeed and outlet conveyor belts
1757 mm (69.0”)
Height of machine 1242 mm (49.0”)
Electrical connection
400V / 50Hz / 3AC
(208-230/460V / 60Hz)
0,55 / 0,88 kW
(0.7 / 1.2 HP)
Weight 290 kg


Air-filled pressure roller For smooth and steady pressure on
sensitive poultry cuts
Flipwheel Paddle-shaped pressure roller for the gentle
discharge of products, such as complete
chicken legs
Cleaning cart Cleaning cart for all MAJA ESB machine types
with special fittings for comfortable handling of all cleaning-relevant machine parts, e.g. conveyor belts, pressure rollers, knife holder etc.

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