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The MAJA ESM 5550 is designed for open-top derinding of round-shaped pork cuts, e.g. ham and shoulder, with and without bones.

With its extra-wide cutting width, the MAJA ESM 5800 is the appropriate solution for processing large pork loins.

To allow the simultaneous removal of rind and fat, the MAJA ESM 5550/1 is equipped with a twin knife holder, so that boneless cuts can be derinded and defatted in any thickness in one step. The removed rind and fat leave the machine separately and do not need to be sorted, which saves labor.


  • Operator-friendly machine structure with ergonomic machine design for maximum operator efficiency and productivity
  • Specially designed work tables facilitate the handling of each type of cut
  • Geometry of the defatting knife holder allows power-saving defatting, even with big and heavy meat cuts.
  • Flexible machine positioning in different deboning lines
  • Height-adjustable outlet table
  • Ergonomic, flat foot pedal design (flat material), thus more comfort for the operator
  • Tool-free changeover of the machine to another type of cut: The work tables, work table support and the MAJA ESM 5550/1 ‘s defatting knife holder can be quickly exchanged without tools and dismounted for cleaning.
  • No removal for cleaning and changing of the derinding knife holder: It remains in the machine and is only put into cleaning position. Advantage: This sensitive key part of the machine cannot be damaged by accident. Thus, the derinding quality is always good, maintenance costs are reduced and operational safety is increased.
  • Fast and easy changing and adjustment of the derinding knife, tool-free with quick-locking device
ESM 5550
ESM 5550/1
ESM 5800
Cutting width  554 mm 554 / 530 mm 800 mm
Width of machine 1027 mm 1027 mm 1273 mm
Depth of machine * 830 – 860 mm 795 – 824 mm 795 – 824 mm
Height of machine 999 mm approx. 1210 mm 1021 – 1048 mm
Electrical connection
400V / 50Hz / 3AC
0,75 kW 0,75 kW 0,75 kW
Weight  178 kg 205 kg 215 kg


MAJA ESM 5550 Standard execution for derinding of bone-in and boneless round-shaped pork cuts
MAJA ESM-OPS With operator protection system for higher work safety when handling open-top skinners
MAJA ESM 5550/1 With twin knife holder for simultaneous derinding and defatting of boneless cuts
MAJA ESM 5550/2 Equipped with rind discharge belt
MAJA ESM 5800 Open-top derinder with extra-large cutting of 800 mm, ideal for pork loins
Different work tables Table ”round” for boneless shoulder and ham cuts
Table ”short” for shoulder and ham cuts with bones (only for ESM 5550)
Different operator platforms Simple platform for adapting to the height of the deboning line
Advanced platform for adapting the working height to the operator’s body height so that each operator can find his personal ergonomic working position (three height positions available)

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