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KT meat tenderiser: The machine is small in size, but powerful. It has been specifically designed to be small and light-weight to fit well onto a standard shop counter. There is no need to commission a specially made table.

The meat tenderiser is made from in-oxydable steel and consists of 74 blades in 24 parallel rows, set on two rolls. The meat is simply dropped through the letterbox on top of the tenderiser and it is pulled through by the tenderising blades and dropped out underneath.

The meat is tenderised and slashed by 888 cutting edges producing juicy, tender pieces of meat that are of even thickness.

With the KT PK meat tenderiser it is also possible to attach a strip cutting attachment instead of the tenderising head. This strip cutting attachment transforms the meat tenderiser into a strip cutter. The blades are aligned 10mm from each other and cannot be changed to a different thickness. This strip cutting machine is capable of producing Chinese beef etc.

The meat tenderiser is capable of producing 1200 tenderised steaks per hour and fits comfortably on a small table, making ideal for butchers shops or customer with smaller floor space.

Tenderised meat requires up to 40% less cooking times, shrinks less when cooked, cooks more evenly, and is quicker to absorb marinades. Why would you not want to tenderise your meat!?

The stainless steel feed inlet of the KT meat tenderiser is constructed in such a way as to prevent the user’s fingers getting caught between the blades. Should the safety cover over the blades be moved even a fraction, the motor will stop automatically. The underside of the blades is also well protected.

The meat tenderiser is easy to clean. The blade cover and the safety cover may be removed for cleaning


Technical Data

  • Meat Tenderiser External Dimensions (WxDxH) 430x400x390mm
  • Meat Tenderiser Capacity upto 1200 steaks/hr
  • Meat Tenderiser Motor 0.37kW
  • Meat Tenderiser Weight 36kg

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