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Lakidis FL600 Meat Flattener

£26,500.00 (excl VAT)
£31,800.00 (Including VAT)

Lakidis’s Industrial 600mm In-line meat flattener is suited for irregular pieces of meat such as fresh pork, beef, veal & poultry products. A great example is for producing schnitzel which is a very time consuming process when done manually.

How it works

The product is placed on the in-feed conveyor, which transports it between two height adjustable profile conveyor belts. Once flattened the product is ready for further processing (coating etc..) or packaging. The flattener’s pressure ensures that the product maintains its shape even after cooking.

Benefits of the FL600

• Very accurate configuration – Simple thickness adjustment
• Product maintains flavour – No loss of fluid
• High throughput
• Fully automated – product only needs to be placed on in-feed conveyor
• Full stainless steel construction
• Easy to clean
• Hygienic design
• 600mm belt width (suitable for a wide variety of products)

Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.