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Treif’s FLEXON can be used for a variety of applications and is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies and catering businesses. Meat, sausage, and cheese can be diced or cut into stripes, but it is also able to grate cheese or slice potatoes and cucumbers. The machine can process products up to 550 mm in length and manages to produce up to 1,400 kg per hour.

Flexon Benefits

  • High cutting output due to the generous cutting chamber size of 550 x 96 x 96 mm
  • Optimum product compression as a result of the automatic precompression system
  • Ergonomic, one-hand operating system for closing the product loading chamber
  • Flexibility thanks to choice between continuous and intermittent cutting
  • Even the cleaning is ergonomic
  • The DHS system (Dynamic Hydraulic System) reduces the machine‘s heat load, which saves energy and keeps the product fresh longer, and is proven to reduce the wear and tear on the machine as well.


The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system facilitates precise dicing and stripe dicing of the most delicate products by providing twice the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure.

The small distance between the blade and gridset, the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving excellent cutting results. So-called “goulash chains“ are prevented.

Various products such as cheese, radishes, carrots or coleslaw can be grated coarsely or finely.

The drive is synched automatically after the machine is turned on.

The separating slide operates in a curving motion. This is the only way to enable the convenient one-hand operation and fill the chamber to the maximum level.

Ergonomic, one-hand operating system for closing the product-loading chamber. The operator can easily activate the closing mechanism with one hand to move the separating slide into position.


Technical data:

Max. Output kg/h 1,400

Max. cut-off length (mm) 0.5–32Housing dimensions (mm) Length/Width/Height (mm) 1,517/748/ 1,050

Connecting load (kW) 1.2

Gridsets (mm) 4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16/ 20/24/32/48

Weight (kg) approx. 230

Units 1-6 Mountain Farm, Marsh Road, Hamstreet, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2JD. | Registered No: 05766547, Registered in England.

EORI No’s: GB621813661000 XI EORI number (Ireland) XI621813661000s