Ekomex Singriset Seperator


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Innovative, mechanical system SINGRISET is based on the special, provided by EKOMEX precise head, designed for easy installation on the meat mincers that receive the new special function:

  • Grinding with desinewing for small meat pieces, with lots of tendons, class III and IV, obtained from filleting
  • Grinding all types of meat at very good structure from 3 to 8 mm with the effect of softening hard intermuscular fat (meat class III and IV)

In case of grinding fresh and slightly frozen meat the SINGRISET system replaces traditional cutting sets, composed of knives and plates.

Through the bigger surface of holes area in the filter comparing to traditional grinder plates it is possible to achieve on the same machine with the same energy costs, greater grinding performance without traditional plates and knives. Singriset eliminates costs of sharpening and replacing of worm, tools and wear of the metal, which nevertheless remains in the meat.






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