Deighton Econoline 200


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Deighton Econoline 200


The Deighton 200mm Econoline is a fully automated; Forming, Pre Dusting, Battering, Breading & Frying Line. It is a modular line so machines can be added / taken away depending on the required process. Another advantage of the modular system is that machines can be added on after the purchase of the initial line. This offers an affordable alternative to large industrial counterparts without compromising on quality or reliability.


The system is ideal to increase production efficiencies and to improve product quality.


The 200mm width system is a huge step up from manually coating products and is an affordable step to automated production. It also allows larger processors the opportunity to run automated test lines without interrupting existing production schedules.


Whole Line Specification


1 x Deighton Formatic Forming Machine – R or C series is recommended either R2200 360/180 or C4000 360/180


1 x Deighton Econo Predust 200

(Thin dusting or flouring of product)


1 x Deighton Econorobe 200 (available in weir or dip style)

(Covers product in batters & marinades)


1 x Deighton Econocrumb 200

(Automatic crumbing of formed or batter coated products)


1 x Deighton Econofry 200

(In-line, fully automated fryer for flash frying or to fully cook)

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