Berkel SLL350 Slicer


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This vertical slicer built with experience and passion offers renewed look and design thanks to the SUPERGLIDE® treatment on gauge plate and blade cover.
The SLL350 model has been studied for ensuring precise slicing for a long time.
The machine’s curvy style creates large space for cleaning, the laser cut Stainless Steel product plate and the meat grip, both removable, add to the slicer’s superior quality.
Three important innovations: index knob allowing PROGRESSIVE millimetre-length adjustment. From 0 to 3 mm, when precision matters, the opening is adjustable in  hundredths  of millimetres. From 3 to 14 mm, when speed of adjustment matters, the opening is adjustable, as usual, in millimetres.-SUPERGLIDE® treatment for gauge plate and blade cover: maximum reduction of plate and product contact. This is an exclusive Berkel project: the innovative profile, with straight, parallel, regular and deeper grooves, reduces friction and product dragging and is obtained through a precise machine work to guarantee a perfect, uniform and smooth cut.

The slicer has an automatic carriage plate stroke with the produce being sliced advancing according to the set up thickness. The slicer delivers a high slice production with very thin thickness, thanks to the carriage plate calibrated push that maintains the specific proper pressure obtaining a perfect cut constant thickness every time at each carriage stroke.

The wide carriage plate can take any size and shape of product. The strong clamp keeps the product well fixed while it is cut so that you can obtain very thin slices and it has a removable food holding tray, which increases the working surface.


Technical Data

Power 240V, 50Hz 500w Motor

Dimensions 630mmx860mmx790mm

Slicing capacity 0.9mm

Gross Weight 60kg

Number of slices per minute 30-50

Thickness of slices 0-9mm

Units 1-6 Mountain Farm, Marsh Road, Hamstreet, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2JD. | Registered No: 05766547, Registered in England.

EORI No’s: GB621813661000 XI EORI number (Ireland) XI621813661000s