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Reich’s steam smoker series are high performing industrial steam smoke generators suitable for beech chips of grain size 3-5mm. They are characterised by a pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour and a strong smoke development. They are suitable for large industrial systems. Due to the generation process, steam smoke generators have some technological advantages over other smoke generator systems.

  • Highest smoke densities for short smoker processes gentle on the product
  • Pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour
  • Very good colouring properties and stable smoker colour, even after rinsing
  • Very tender casing in natural casing products
  • Lowest weight losses
  • Suitable for industrial systems up to 14 trolleys
  • Low toxin content due to the low smoke generation temperature
  • Preventative safety system
  • No risk of explosion when used according to instructions
  • Variable controllable smoke intensity
  • Partly open, exhaust air-reduced system
  • Cheap smoke destruction possible through washer system
  • Simple and maintenance-friendly use
  • Fully-automatic in combination with the UNICONTROL control systems
  • Made in Germany

Various models are available depending on the size of the unit.


How it works

Steam smoke generators generate smoke by passing superheated steam at approx. 380-320°C through wood chips. This carbonises the chips, which releases the aromas and preserving components. The heating is achieved through low-pressure steam at 0.3-0.5 bar (requirement approx. 20Kg/h) and the additional electric heating for increasing the temperature (superheating) of the steam.


Steam smoke generator advantages

One huge advantage of the steam smoke generators is that the gut or heated surface quickly absorbs the smoke of the meat product. This results in a pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour and a consistent smoked colour in the shortest time with the smallest weight loss.

Due to the low smoke generator temperatures, there are fewer toxins in the smoke in comparison to smoulder smoke (e.g. benzopyrene).

There are no open flames in the smoke generator. If used according to instructions, there is no risk of explosion. All Reich smoke generators are fitted with preventative safety systems. The operator is always made aware of any issues via the control system.

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