Reich KKRI Climastar Prematuring With Smoke


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Reich Climatic Cold Smoking Pre maturing units work with circulation air conditioning, humidity control and low energy consumption.

They are designed to mature, dry as well as post mature a wide variety of products, which include raw sausage, ham, & semi- dry products. They also have the capability to air-dry specialty products such as beef jerky, biltong, fish & vegetarian products.

The main benefit of this system is the constant exact temperatures & moisture levels attained based on the desired target values.

The AirMaster KKRI system can be combined with all types of Reich Smoke Generators.

The temperature control range is between + 16°C & +28°C

Relative humidity ranges from 65%-95%

In certain circumstances higher temperature ranges up to 45°C can be reached.

  • Can be combined with all REICH smoker systems
  • Integrated, fully automatic CIP cleaning
  • Weather-independent as a result of circulating air conditioning
  • Variable fresh air throughput
  • Smooth speed control of the circulating air fan
  • Precise temperature and humidity values through precise controls
  • No unchecked drying of the goods at the end (dry edge)
  • Extremely energy-saving operation through precise climate control
  • Highly efficient and gentle on the product
  • Device and duct system made entirely from stainless steel 1.4301
  • Heat exchanger for cooling and heating, made entirely from stainless steel 1.4301
  • Made in Germany


How it works

The centralised air treatment system is the heart of the Airmaster maturing unit. The returned air from the processing room is cooled, dehumidified, humidified, or heated depending on the requirement.

Reich uses very large air coolers for fast and efficient dehumidifying.

Fresh air is injected from outside through a central ventilator via inlet channels. The direction of airflow is changed constantly to guarantee consistent conditions within the processing room.

Precision climate control allows extremely energy efficient operation, which is crucial in today’s business world.

Conventional air conditioning systems operate with on-going counteractions of heating & cooling as well as humidifying & dehumidifying.

AirMaster maturing units operate with an MC climate control only when circulation of air is required to transport heat, cold or moisture. The guarantee is that products are matured gently with maximum possible standstill and equalisation time.

The air circulation speed and volume is determined by moisture that is released from the products inside the chamber. A frequency converter guarantees precise product control removal of moisture, which prevents the dry edge on your valuable product.

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