Nowicki MHM-21 Injector


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Designed for even brine distribution into meat & poultry products.  The meat injector prooves non-problematic in the injection of bone-in and boneless products. The Auto Injection Machine is equipped with needles working on 3.2 bars pressure and is supplied with a Stainless Steel pump and suction nozzle.  This is fed by brine from regular 200 litre tote bin. The pump must be filled with 2 litres of brine at the beginning of the process.

The MHM-21 meat injector is easy to operate in a small factories with a brine that is store is mobile and can be moved around as required.

Standard Equipment:

  • Complete Stainless steel AISI 304 construction
  • Window on cover for checking injection status
  • Controller on  top cover – easy to operate and due to its position – reduces risk of flooding by CIP direct jets
  • 42 (double needles for boneless product)
  • 21 sockets is 21
  • HMI : Microprocessor control panel  based on Touch Panel from MITSUBISHI
  • Easy Exchangeable head with single/double needles as standard
  • 2 speed injection head
  • Max. height of injection head: 200 mm
  • Max. product height before injection: ca 160 mm. after injection = 190 mm
  • Easily washable Plastic conveyer belt
  • Conveyor width: 326 mm
  • 3 speed conveyer
  • High yield, durable centrifugal stainless steel pump from EBARA PUMPS
  • Smoothly adjustable brine pressure (up to 3,2 bar standard)
  • Easily washabel multi-stage filtration system
  • Suction pipe with filter on its end – for ease on to  200 litre trolley.
  • Upper drive for the needle head (NORD gear box with brake)
  • Machine construction meets the highest hygienic requirements
  • Manometer for real brine pressure
  • Stripping plate with height regulation to avoid squeezing meat bring and over-injection
  • Side access to electric box (stainless steel IP66)
  • All electronics /electrics from well known brands (ABB, Schneider, Finder etc) to be easily found on the local market
  • 2 lines of needles (10 + 11) for uniform injection
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Main switch ON / OFF on the body of machine
  • Slide of products – directly to 200 litre trolley
  • Tank to flood the pump- as a start of the injection

Control System:

  • Easy to read and operate control panel based on color touch panel MITSUBISHI located on side of the machine
  • User friendly postion of touch panel , preventing flooding
  • Possibility to regulate: speed of injecting head (2 speeds), brine pressure regulation (0,5 – 3,2 bars – step 0,1 bars), name/number of program
  • English/flamish/french language as operating language
  • Protective cover before flush of water
  • Protection level: IP 67 for control panel
  • Display of day/time
  • Service menu
  • Autodiagnostic mode
  • MANUAL MODE option

Ouput in real terms at factory level, operated by 1 person from input side:

  • Chicken carcasses – 15-20% injection at 1-pass – 400kg/h
  • Chicken breasts – 35-40% injection at 1-pass – 450kg/h
  • Chicken breasts – 20-30% injection at 1-pass – 600kg/h
  • Chicken wings – 15-20% injection at 1-pass – 400kg/h
  • Bacon – 15-30% injection at 1-pass – 600kg/h
  • Pork loin – 60-70% injection at 1-pass – 350kg/h
  • Ham shoulder – 40-50% injection at 1-pass – 400k

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