Maja STC400 Strip Cutter


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Versatile application

The circular blade cutting machine STC 400 is suitable for a big variety of slicing applications, e.g. vertical slicing of fresh boneless meat cuts from beef, veal, pork and poultry, cutting of bacon strips, production of sausage pieces for “Currywurst”, etc.

Easy operation

  • The operator puts the meat cuts on the continuously driven infeed conveyor belt.
  • They pass the circular cutting roller and within seconds, they are sliced to regular portions of consistent thickness.

Large choice of cutting rollers

  • Supplied without cutting rollers, as they have to be ordered separately according to individual cutting needs. Different rollers are necessary for different slice thicknesses, starting with 6 mm.
  • Total cutting width 283 mm (11.4″) or 440 mm (17.32″)
  • Max. product height approx. 95 mm (4″), depending on the cut
  • A special butterfly cutting roller (approx. 6-16 mm / 0.24-0.63″) is available for the production of butterfly-slashed portions.

Short setup times for high operational availability

  • Time-saving tool-free mounting and removal of machine parts for routine sanitation and upkeep

High standard of safety

  • For the safe mounting and removal of the circular blade roller, its holding device can be locked in a special setup position.
  • Special safety handles for easy and safe removal of the cutting roller are included to allow cleaning and blade changes.
  • For safe cutting roller cleaning, it is kept in a special cleaning box.
  • Special protection covers on infeed and discharge conveyor belt according to current EU-regulations.
  • Extended infeed conveyor belt.



STC 400
Total cutting width 283 mm (11.1”)
Max. product thickness approx. 95 mm (3.74”)
depending on type and
consistency of product
Width of machine 766 mm (30.2”)
Depth of machine 2185 mm (86.0”)
Height of machine 1282 mm (50.0”)
Electrical connection

1,5 kW, 3AC/50Hz/400V
2.0 h.p., 208-230/460v / 60Hz
Weight 265 kg (616 lbs)


Circular blade rollers Knife distances
6-12-18 mm (0.24-0.47-0.71”)
8-16-24 mm (0.31-0.63-0.94”)
10-20-30 mm (0.39-0.79-1.18”)
Special blade roller
Knife distance 12 mm (0.47″)
Blade roller box With special safety handles, for safe and easy mounting, dismounting and storage of the blade roller

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