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Mainca RM200 Tilting Mixer

£8,559.00 (excl VAT)
£10,270.80 (Including VAT)

Mainca RM200 Kneader Mixer

A kneader mixer is a unique mixing concept that ensures a perfect and homogenous mix in the shortest of times with both forward and reverse paddle action.

In one direction they mix the ingredients and in the other they knead the dough eliminating the air (essential for dry cured sausages).

Extremely versatile: suitable not only for the meat industry but also for food and catering for mixing a variety of products,  With breaker arms removed, they can be used as a massaging/marinating machine with high liquid absorption.

Very fast, very thorough, yet very gentle mix.  The T shape paddles are carefully designed to ensure all contents are thoroughly mixed and can be easily removed for cleaning (optional for the RM200).

The bowl is easily tilted for emptying.  Provided with digital programmer to perform up to 10 mixing/kneading cycles.

Fully made of stainless steel.

4 swivel casters (2 with lock)
Removable paddle

3HP 2.21kW

Weight 180kg

Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.