Ekomex KBM-1000 Frozen Block Pallet Crusher


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Highly industrial machine for crushing frozen blocks stacked in pile on euro palette size.

The construction of the machine and the cutting chamber enables loading of up to 40 blocks simultaneously with a total weight of up to 800 kg. The machine is intended in particular for large meat, pet food and fish plants, for grinding frozen blocks of meat, fish, cheese, vegetables or other food products with standarized dimensions.

The best performances can be achieved with a product temperature in the range of -15 to -20 ° C. Crushing is carried out by means of two slow-rotating, very durable tooth rollers, into the zone of which the blocks fall gravitally after being lifted by means of column loading. Then, through the appropriate construction of the head and counter teeth, the product is pulled in and broken into a structure similar to the width of the teeth in the range from 35 to 70 mm. After grinding, smaller pieces of the frozen raw material fall into a buffer, a big-box container or a conveyor for transfer to further, final grinding, mostly on grinders, cutters or further processing on mixers and production lines.

Capacity depending on the loading system, receiving system, block weight, type, dimensions and temperature of the raw material from 5000 to 12000 kg / h.
In addition to the cutting effect across the teeth, the structure of the crushed block is partly adjusted to the size of the pre-freezing pieces, in particular for meat raw materials. The applied grinding system does not significantly increase the temperature of the raw material.

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