Henkelman Aero 42 Vacuum Packer



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New Aero series table top vacuum packer. All Stainless steel machine with a perspex lid and 16 m3/h Busch pump.
Standard with 1 seal bar (front) 420 mm and double seal (2 wires)
Optional without extra costs: Cut-Off/Wide Seal.
Machine cycle 20-40 seconds and comes with an insert plate for a quicker cycle and product adjustment.
Soft air as standard.
Sensor control with 3 program memory.

The Henkelman Aero 42 is a high-performance vacuum sealing machine designed for professional use. It offers a reliable and efficient solution for vacuum packing large amounts of food in a quick and convenient manner. Whether you’re using it for sous vide cooking or for food storage purposes, the Henkelman Aero 35 ensures excellent performance and precise sealing, guaranteeing the desired results every time. Additionally, it boasts user-friendly features, such as three adjustable programs, making it effortless to achieve consistent outcomes with just a simple press of a button

Suitable for retail butchers, fishmongers, delicatessen shops, bars as well as restaurants.

Add a second seal bar, (£223 +VAT) please call to arrange the customization

Simply unbox, and plug and play!

You can upgrade this machine to have liquid control to see the price just use the pump & upgrades toggle bar above.

Why use Liquid control?
Wet and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point during the vacuum packaging cycle. Reducing the pressure in the chamber below atmospheric pressure causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks products when cold.

The Liquid control sensor detects the evaporation of the liquid product. The machine then stops extracting the air and proceeds automatically with the next phase, the sealing of the vacuum bag.

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