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Reich Thermal Process Chambers 

Reich’s industrial range of thermal process chambers, made to the highest quality in Germany. Applications include: hot smoking, cold smoking, drying/dehydrating, cooking, baking, roasting, curing, maturing & chilling.

Thermal Process Chambers

Reich Airmaster UK Series

Designed for varied applications of thermal treatment for foods. Perfected over decades of experience in building thermal process units. Offering a perfect combination or power, efficiency & reliability. Suitable for industrial use. Modular construction ensures that air flow is maintained throughout when adding additional chambers. 

The units of the AIRMASTER® UK series are totally multifunctional and therefore suitable for various applications. They are characterised by the highest performance and uncompromising quality – 100 % Made in Germany.

Airmaster UKQ Airjet Series

The Reich AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET is the world’s best performing cross-flow universal unit. It has been developed specifically for lying products and allows them to be stacked closer together. These machines are completely multifunctional. Production capacities far above the normal levels can be achieved with its extremely high power, strength & overall performance. These universal chambers can be equipped with Reich’s natural, friction or liquid smoke generators. Intensive chilling options available to bring product down to required temperature prior to further processing. 


Airmaster BKQ Airjet Series

High performance chambers for cooking, steaming, baking & roasting etc.. Capable of temperatures up to 300°C. Powered by Reich’s unique cross flow circulating air technology. This guarantees maximum performance with short process times & optimum product quality. Principally designed for products on grills / catering dishes. Up to 120% more capacity than other systems. Up to 35 levels per trolley!