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The AIRMASTER® BKQ AirJet universal unit is suitable for cooking, steaming, baking & roasting at temperatures up to 300 °C. Similar to the UKQ series the BKQ works on the horizontal cross flow principal which guarantees maximum performance, optimal product quality & shorter process times.

A step up from combi-steamers is an understatement!

  • Up to 120% more capacity compared to standard systems
  • Up to 300 °C
  • Faster Process Times


  • Process temperatures up to + 300°C
  • Horizontal air flow, optimal for lying products and products in standard catering dishes
  • Up to 120% more capacity compared to standard systems
  • Up to 35 levels per trolley
  • Alternating blowing and sucking of air
  • Consistent air flow across the entire wall surface
  • Excellent consistency in all trolley areas
  • Gentle treatment of the products
  • Maximum air performance for short processes and maximum yield due to the size and efficiency of the blowers
  • Irrespective of specific level positions of the trolleys
  • Integrated drop separator in the circulating air flow
  • Made in Germany
  • PLUS all other benefits of the REICH AIRMASTER® UK series


Product Examples:

Roast ham – the defined splitting of a crisp crust and uniform colour & core temperature is one of the amazing products that the Reich AirMaster BKQ can create. With up to 35 levels per trolley, many products capacity can be doubled & processing time halved compared to standard systems due to enormous & efficient airflow.


Horizontal Air Flow

The AIRMASTER UKQ – AIRJET is an industrial facility and works according to an innovative cross-current air circulating principle which guarantees maximum performance and short processing times with optimal product quality.

The process air is gently blown in from one side across the whole surface with especially developed, completely novel air control walls (with integrated tar and fat separation). The air is evacuated on the opposite side.

Stable air exchange flaps with large free air passages alternate the injection and exhaust direction in minute intervals.
This guarantees that no tar stains get on the goods. The number of tiers or their spacing in the chamber carts can be varied according to product by the vertically arranged air outlets.

With this novel circulation principle, absolute uniformity is achieved in the loading cart from the top to the bottom. The loading cart can be filled up to the wheel top edge when treating products with broilers.

The air treatment unit with the air circulation fan, the smooth piped-heating register and the humidifying equipment is integrated in the head section of the facility. The treatment air is conditioned according to the air states, i.e. heated, dried or humidified, and cooled. Fresh air or smoke is added from the outside according to the treatment processes. This fresh conditioned air is transported by the strong blower unit through the air control walls to the goods.

As required for the diverse treatment possibilities with the AIRMASTER, the various settings of the tightly closing fresh air and exhaust flaps as well as the smoke flap with pneumatic positioning cylinders are automatically regulated according to the preselected working program.

The moisture in the facility can be selected for every treatment step up to complete steam saturation. A very exact moisture control by psychrometric humidity measuring equipment is possible in connection with the UNICONTROL control. The predetermined process moisture is thereby controlled, with values able to be entered in % rel. humidity.

Universal BKQ units can be supplied as single or double trolley units.


Modular Construction

One module corresponds to one trolley. Each module is equipped with its own motor, fan wheel, heat exchanger, nozzles etc..

There are huge advantages of keeping the chambers modular:

  • Long chamber life through heavy duty construction
  • Absolute uniformity of all trolleys including the largest units
  • No energy loss
  • Short installation times
  • Highest airflow volume
  • Best efficiency
  • Low Maintenance & Reliable

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