Treif Dragon E Chop Cutter


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Sub-zero specialisation – Frozen products are standard fare for DRAGON E

Ice-cold is its area of specialisation: DRAGON E portioning machine is able take off where traditional systems start to encounter damage to the blades.
Unprocessed products (bone-in or boneless), from strong shock-frozen down to -8°C/17.6°F do not present a challenge for DRAGON E, but rather are the standard.

Bid an easy farewell to the bone saw

Say goodbye to your bone saw! Save personnel costs and expenditures! Bone meal that is produced by the sawing is a thing of the past with DRAGON E.

  • Process-reliable slicing of frozen and crust-frozen meat (bone-in or bone-less), e.g. lamb and pork chops
  • Consistent slice thicknesses/ no wedge-shaped slices even with the hardest products
  • In comparison to bone saws: less waste; products stay fresh longer; personnel cost savings; much more security for the operator
  • Optimum cutting conditions thanks to adjustable blade arm rotation (4 levels, up to 150/minute)
  • Highest amount of flexibility/ability to fill orders on short notice, e.g. for grills in the food industry when there is no time left for defreezing the products before cutting
  • No possibility to get in contact with dangerous parts during the slicing process
  • Ideal for IQF (Individually quick frozen) production

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