Rex RKF130 Sausage Filler



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  • Bowl Volume 30 litres
  • Meat Capacity 60 lb
  • Portioning Speed 350/min
  • Sausage Skin Type Natural or artificial
  • Head Type Portioning, twisting, linking
  • Weight 400kg
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram


The RKF130 piston sausage filler has been designed for the producer that has out grown their piston filler or is looking to achieve weight control of their products. The RKF130 filler can be used exactly the same as a standard piston filler for straight filling applications, where the customer would like to keep the same traditional product they have always dones, linked in 3’s. The REX RKF130 sausage filler can also ‘portion only’, where by portions of sausage meat, black pudding, haggis, meatballs etc can be portioned to a very accurate weight. Where the REX RKF130 filler comes into its own is when using it to portion, link and twist sausages (or other products) into artificial or natural sausage skins with upto 350 portions per minute.

The REX RKF130 sausage filler is designed for small and medium enterprises with frequent changes in the product range and small quantities of sausage meat. Filling, portioning and twisting off – the RKF130’s innovative technology combines all these facilities with that of a conventional piston sausage filler.

Filling takes place on the REX RKF130 from the cylinder of a rotary piston. This combination ensures exact portioning from the RKF130 filler as well as gentle treatment of the sausage meat. The REX RKF130’s twisting-off drive is integrated into the conveyor outlet, thus shortening production paths. Smearing and sausage meat residue are kept at a minimum.

The REX RKF130 filler has a generously-dimensioned touch screen controller which has been specially adapted to meet the needs of the industry. The RKF130’s large 12-inch touch screen allows all setting values to be easily readable in the display and be changed at any time during operation. The RKF130 can store up to 200 programmes which makes changing the product easier, and troubleshooting is simplified because all operating failures are displayed directly.

The REX RKF130 filler has a fixed linking head which makes it easy to twist off artificial or natural casings. The RKF130 has a piston cylinder that is 30 litres in volume and can take up to 60lbs in product. The RKF130 is made with a unique hygienic design, the machine body is made completely from high quality stainless steel. The latest technology is used in the RKF130’s drive system producing minimal energy consumption and quiet and smooth operation.

If you are looking for higher throughput or a larger capacity hopper then take a look at the REX RVF327REX RVF327s or REX RVF436S vacuum fillers. The use of vacuum in the REX RVF range takes out the air in the product mix, giving a true weighted sausage with extremely accurate results.

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