Nowicki MPP 400 Tray Washer


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The Nowicki MP400 tray washer is built from AISI 304 stainless steel following CE directives. The tray washer is capable of cleaning up to 400 trays or containers per hour with the maximum size of tray being 600x450x400mm. The tray washer’s washing and rinsing sections are separated by plastic curtains to prevent cross contamination, with both sections easily accessible by using the side doors which open outwards with hinges at the top. The Nowicki MP400 crate washer has sensors on these doors with cut off the machine if they are opened whilst the pump is running. The Nowicki tray washer has emergency stop buttons on the control panel, in feed and back side of the machine for quick access from any side, and is fitted with adjustable feet.

The Nowicki MP400 tray washer has its electrical connection point on the right side of the machine when standing at the infeed, and the water connection on the left side of the machine from infeed. The electrical box is situated inside the machine but has easy access should it be required. The water inside the tray washer is circulated and filter using the efficient filtration system, this is situated on the right side of the machine again with easy access.

The Nowicki MP400 crate washer has automatic detergent dosing due to the SAIER pump, keeping the detergent use at the optimal, without using too much or too little. The spray nozzles inside the machine are the click-on type and are high pressure with adjustable spray angles to allow customer to modify the spray direction for abnormal trays or containers. The water is heated inside the tray washer either by heat exchanger, electrics or steam. The specifications above are based on the electrical heating by element.

The Nowicki MP400 tray washer has adjustable tray guides that can be adjusted width ways from 230-600mm and height 40-400mm, to allow the customer to set the machine for their trays. These trays are then transported through the tray washer by way of 8mm stainless steel chain conveyor, the speed of which can be controlled from the PLC touch screen.

Control system:

The main colour PLC touch screen controls the following elements:

  • Speed of chain conveyor
  • Regulation of cleaning water temp up to 60’C
  • Detergent dispenser ON / OFF
  • Auto mode or manual mode
  • Data / Time display
  • Auto diagnostic with alarms displayed
  • Service mode
  • Temperature display
  • Crate counter
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 3850x1390x2010mm
  • Max Capacity 400 per hour
  • Max Tray Dimensions 700x600x400mm
  • Tray Height 40-400mm
  • Water Tank Capacity 340 litre
  • Pump Size 7.5kW
  • Electrical Heating 27kW

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