Nowicki MHM-68 Injector


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Designed for even distribution of brine into poultry products. Bone-in and bone-less product. Possibility to inject also the whole carcasses of chickens. With a quick change of needles machine can be used for beef product as well as for fresh meat injection.

Standard Equipment:

  • Complete stainless steel construction according to CE directives AISI 304
  • Number of sockets/needles is 68
  • Double needles for injection of Ø 3 mm. Ø of holes at the tip of needles:  1,4 mm (6 holes totally)
  • Microprocessor  color control panel: MITSUBISHI
  • Exchangeable head with needles as standard
  • Smooth regulation of speed for injection head from 20 to 40 strokes / minute
  • Max. height of injection head: 200 mm
  • Plastic conveyer belt easily washable from meeting all demands
  • Width of a conveyer: 525 mm
  • speeds of a conveyer coordinated with speed of the injection head
  • High yield, durable centrifugal stainless steel pump
  • Smoothly adjustable brine pressure (up to 3,2  bar)
  • Multi-stage filtration system easily washable
  • Stainless steel brine tank with capacity of 120 ltr or rotary brine filter FBN with 180 l volume tank
  • Stirring and pumping out  brine from the brine tank
  • Upper drive for the needle head
  • Stripping plate with height position to avoid squeezing out the brine from product and over-injection
  • Ergonomic construction meeting all sophisticated demands of hygienic
  • Components from worldwide known suppliers like Moeller, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Nord, EbaraPumps,
  • All connecting piping made in stainless steel – easy to disassembly and clean.

Control system:

  • easy to read and operate control panel based on color touch panel MITSUBISHI
  • possibility to regulate: speed of injecting head (2 speeds), brine pressure regulation (0,5 – 3,2 bars – step 0,1 bars), name/number of program
  • english/german language as operating language
  • protective cover before flush of water
  • protection level: IP 66 for control panel
  • display of day/time
  • service menu
  • autodiagnostic mode
  • MANUAL MODE option
  • Alarm display/History of alarms
  • Possibilty to work as tenderizer – without pump
  • Emergency stop located on control panel

Output in real terms at factory level, operated by 1 person from input side:

  • Chicken breast 35-40% injection at 1-pass – 1400kg/h
  • Drumsticks, necks, wings 10-20% injection at 1-pass – 1500kg/h
  • The whole chicken carcass 12-15% injection at 1-pass – 1600kg/h
  • Beef muscle 50-60% injection at 1-pass – 800kg/h
  • Beef muscle 20-30% injection at 1-pass – 1500kg/h
  • Throughput 800-1600kg/h (depending on product)
  • Working Width 525mm
  • Working Height 200mm
  • Number of needles 68 (single needle) 136 (double needle)
  • Conveyor Belt Speed Adjustable up to 100mm/cycle
  • Stroke of Injection Head 20,21,22…..40 strokes/min
  • Electrics 3ph 400V 50Hz 2.4kW
  • Weight 510kg

Units 1-6 Mountain Farm, Marsh Road, Hamstreet, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2JD. | Registered No: 05766547, Registered in England.

EORI No’s: GB621813661000 XI EORI number (Ireland) XI621813661000s