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Reich Thermal Process Chambers

The IFFA 2019 International trade show witnessed the start of a new partnership between Reich Germany & Windsor Food Machinery. We are proud to now supply the full range from Reich to assist our customers with industrial scale smoking, drying, dehydrating, cooking, baking, roasting, steaming, curing, maturing & chilling processes. 


‘Theres something in the air’

Air flow is critical for all thermal process treatments. Reich offers both vertical (changing flap) & horizontal airflow systems.  Reich’s UKQ Universal series features horizontal air flow, which allows products to be stacked a lot closer together without compromising product quality. Reich often sees up to 120% increased capacity (up to 35 levels) over competitors machines making it the best cross-flow universal thermal process chamber in the world!


‘Time To Chill’

Reich’s Universal IC Series builds upon the popular UK range. Designed for fast, safe & economic cooling of cooked products. Shelf life can be considerably increased as a result of the fast passage through the critical temperature ranges.  The main advantage of the IC series is that all functions can be performed in one chamber without any separation zones. They work in combination with external or built in smoke generators. These systems are ideal for customers looking to increase capacity without increasing the machinery footprint! All chambers can be added with a rear passage door option making them transit systems which are ideal for low-high care applications.


For all Reich Thermal Process Enquiries, please contact:

Chas Hershaw


Josh Stuart  


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