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Raw Pet Food Manufacturing

January 2018 saw the introduction of a new section on the WFM new & refurbished website. Due to the increasing interest in the manufacturing of Raw Pet Foods, we have created a whole new area dedicated to those of you with a passion for the production of this fast developing trade. Raw pet food has many health advantages for all pets. Whether you are keen to produce Chunks, Mince, Dried Treats, Bones, Mixed meals to include vegetables or any one of many other meal ideas, we have the equipment to make production efficient and manageable. One phone call to the experienced staff at WFM could be the start of your new adventure into this booming business or alternatively if you are already up and running we could help you develop your business further with ideas and solutions to maximise production. 

Industrial machinery: Lakidis Frozen Block Flakers & Mixers, Thompson Mixer Grinders, Frey Vacuum Fillers, Henkelman Vacuum Packers & Beelonia & Reich Dryers/Dehydrators 

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Reich Thermal Process Chambers The IFFA 2019 International trade show witnessed the start of a new partnership between Reich Germany & Windsor Food Machinery. We are proud to now supply the full range from Reich to assist our customers with industrial scale...

WFM acquire Mainca UK Machinery & Spare Parts

WFM acquire Mainca UK Machinery & Spare Parts

WFM acquire Mainca UK Machinery & Spare Parts Mainca UK run by John Baranski has recently been closed. I am pleased to announce that Windsor Food Machinery have purchased the equipment & spare parts from this company & so we are now in a position to be...