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Robot Coupe C80 Automatic Sieve


Robot Coupe Automatic Sieves offer versatility by providing juice, fruit purees, vegetable mousses, sauce bases, bisques and fish soups. They are simple and sturdy with all their parts being made of stainless steel. What you really want to know! Ideal for restaurants, caterers, confectioners, fishmongers. They are easy to clean thanks to all parts in contact with the food being easily removed and dish-washable. The continuous feed hopper makes them easy to use and time saving.

* Speed 1500rpm
* Output 40 – 60kg per hour
* Maximum processing time 30 minutes
* Delivered with a 1 mm diameter basket
* Paddle assembly to extract maximum juice
* All parts are stainless steel
* Continuous feed hopper for ease of use and saving time
* Dish-washable and safe removable parts
* Continuous feeding of washed products, no need peel
* Products fall inside the basket where they are sieved.
* Floor model with stainless steel feet
* Weight 20.6Kg
* Electric 13A, 230V, 650W, UK plug
* H520 x W620 x D360mm

Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.