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Frey KK500DV Vacuum Filler


Dual vacuum technology for best product quality

The use of two vacuum systems in meat pump and hopper brings important advantages to the user compared to the ordinary loading over an open filling hopper.

Evacuation of rest air – already during loading the product is placed under vacuum, thereby importantly more rest air is removed from the product. The optical appearance of the first cut is more homogeneous and the shelf life of the product is increased.

Portioning exactness – the feeding supply process of the product to the meat pump is more regular and gentle. Thereby at the same time the portioning exactness is improved and a high filling performance is achieved.

Product variety – the dual vacuum generates highest bond and homogeneity of products with whole muscle pieces.

Frey KK500DV Brochure 


Suitable products:

• Cooked sausage with or without inserts • Cooked ham with pieces up to 800 g • Cooked salami A further advantage results from the automatic loading of the filling hopper combined with the continual filling process.


Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.