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Treif Felix Dicer 1 Phase


Treif’s compact 1 phase dicer opens up a wide range of possibilities for cutting & grating. The spacious cutting chamber enables the product to be loaded comfortably.

The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system facilitates precise dicing and strip cutting of the most delicate products by providing twice the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure

The small distance between the blade and grid-set, the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving excellent cutting results. So-called „ goulash chains“ are prevented

As a result of the DHS (Dynamic Hydraulic System), the cut products stay fresh longer (the machine generates less heat, so there is less of a chance for bacteria to form).

Various products such as cheese, radishes, carrots or coleslaw can be grated coarsely or finely.

The drive is synched automatically after the machine is turned on.

With FELIX even a big amount of meat salad is easily prepared.

FELIX is fast and easy to handle.


Technical data:

Max. Output k/g (Theoretical maximum value) 800

Max. Cut-off length (mm) 0.5–32

Housing dimensions (mm)

Length/Width/Height (mm) 909/748/ 1,050

Connecting load (kW) 1.0

Gridsets (mm) 4/5/6/8/10/12/ 14/16/20/24/32/ 48/96 Weight (kg/lb) approx. 173; 381

Product specific accessories on request


Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.