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2006 in-line tenderising machine, in excellent condition. Available for £17,850 + VAT


The TS AB Tenderiser is Tenderstars ”Top of the range” machine. Fully automatic tenderising is achieved by 784 needles. The tenderisers carefully positioned blades give absolute minimal damage leaving a juicy and tender product with no change in physical appearance.

With a belt width of 400mm the TS AB tenderiser can cope with a massive quantity of product in the most demanding environments, ideal for food processing plants.

The meat tenderiser is made nearly entirely from stainless steel and all parts coming in contact with product can be dismantled without tools for cleaning and sterilisation.

When the tenderiser is operating simply choose the degree of tenderisation that is required (3 options – 80mm, 40mm, 20mm) depending on the hardness of the meat to be tenderised. Place the meat on the conveyor belt and take it out tenderised from the other side of the machine. The adjustment of the speed is carried out instantly whilst the tenderizer is operating and enables the belt to advance at 3.8m per minute, 2.4m per minute or 1.2m per minute. Even an non-specialist operator can thus achieve a uniform result.

Further more the tenderiser is fitted with oblique guides, which centre the meat to be tenderised on the belt. Likewise if the piece of meat is sagging on the sides and exceeds the operating width of the tenderiser’s blade block the oblique guides will push the meat back towards the centre.


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