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Frigo Impianti Fermentation Chamber


Frigo Impianti ARC 180 Fermentation Chamber

Made to dry and mature small to medium quantities of cold cuts (salami, pork necks, bacon, etc.), they are suitable to all those who wish to start “on a large scale” or who already have a moderate productive ability.

Thanks to their technology, which is the same used on larger industrial systems, they guarantee optimal end results with extreme ease.

These mini chambers work on two trolleys that have the following dimensions: 85x100x182H.

The capacity of the single trolley model (ARC 180) is approximately 180 Kg.

All our mini chambers are equipped with a heat-recovery system, which is a system that enables the recovery of heat condensation during operation of the refrigerating compressor, thus avoiding the need to obtain external heat sources and therefore allowing significant energy saving over time.

Ventilation system:

Ventilation inside the mini chambers is carried out by means of two side ducts placed high up, which convey the flow of “treated” air downwards along the walls.

Then, deflectors placed a few centimetres away from the floor send the descending flow towards the centre of the room where it is intercepted by the “air recovery system” placed on the ceiling of the chamber, which makes it ventilate the product uniformly.

All phases of air exchange can be programmed through the control panel located on the front panel of the mini chambers.

Electronic control:

The control system is composed of a power panel controlled by a “user terminal” composed of a 4×20 character LCD screen and keyboard with 15 buttons.

By following the simple instructions of the tailor-made software developed for the terminals from our company, the user can control the system, set the parameters of three different operating modes (manual, semi-automatic, automatic) and all the other advanced functions (air exchange, work pauses, etc.).

Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.