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Kolbe TW100 Mincer

£3,750.00 (excl VAT)

1 Phase Model – £4,512 + VAT

The Kolbe TW100 meat mincer is a high performance meat mincing machine constructed in top quality stainless steel to Kolbe’s excellent standard of manufacturing and reliability.

The TW100 meat mincing machine is a table top versions of the SW100 meat mincer. The large feed pan of the TW100 meat mincer is made without dirt traps and with rounded corners to enable fast and easy cleaning as well as keeping a high level of hygiene.

The meat mincer’s main drive motor is a powerful 4HP, allowing the meat mincing machine to have a large throughput of 950kg/h at optimal conditions. The stainless steel head is removed from the meat mincer is a matter of seconds due to the quick release tightening handles located on either side.


Technical Data:

Cutting system Enterprise E32
Perforated plate diameter 100mm
Bowl volume 45 Ltr
Enlarged Bowl volume (Optional) 64 Ltr
Hourly output with perforated plate 3 mm ca. 950 kg/h
Machine dimensions Groß B x T x H 627 x 1065 x 575
Filling height 575 mm
Outlet height (with cover) 64 mm


Machine dimensions B x T x H          547 x 895 x 575 mm
Motor tension (3Ph)          400 V
Motor capacity / Protection system IP55          2,9 kW
Nominal current at 400 V          6,9 A
Conductor cross-section          1,5 mm2
Fusing at 400 V (A lazy)          16 A
Noise level          75 dB(A)
Weight net          106 – 110kg
Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.