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Mainca MH100 Burger Machine

£1,088.00 (excl VAT)
£1,305.60 (Including VAT)

Mainca’s MH Burger/Meatball forming machine is a great solution from someone wanting to speed up their burger production whilst retaining the hand pressed appearance and bite of the burger.

Different models available depending on the diameter of the burger or meatball.
Simply change the rotary mould plate. The remaining equipment is the same. Machines with more than one mould plate can be acquired if different diameters are required.


MH-100  machine with a plate for 1 burger 100 mm (4″) diameter. £1,088
MH-120  machine with a plate for 1 burger 120 mm (4-3/4″) diameter. £1,088
MH-130  machine with a plate for 1 burger 130 mm (5″) diameter. £1,088
MH-55   machine with a plate for 3 mini burgers 55 mm diameter. £1,245
MA-05     machine with a plate for 5 meatballs 38 mm diameter. £1,227
MA-10   machine with a plate for 10 meatballs 25 mm diameter. £1,315

Capacity of hopper in litres: 2.5 l. (New hopper in stainless steel)
Capacity of hopper in Kg:  ± 2.1 Kg.

When conversant with the machine one can achieve an output of 250/300 burgers per hour.

Base Dimensions: 32 x 35 cm

All models have the INT version which comply with NSF / ANSI 169 American health certification.


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