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Frey Kebab Line KL6/260


Kebab-Line to take off Kebab slices.

KL6 Advantages:

Increase of the production capacity while reducing the number of staff. Minimum heating up of the product due to quick processing. Best holding together of slice and stick due to vacuum. Better durability of the product due to vacuum evacuating air out of the product. Quick and simple change of the form and size of stick due to programmation. Exact definition of the share of minced meat due to the weight input into the control. Highest hygienic standard. Comfortable ergonomic working place. The slices can simply be taken off due to the cut-off device. Loading of the machine with integrated lifting device. Simple take-off of the slices due to a mutually working knife.

Production line with following features:

  • adjustable for diameters from about 100 to 300 mm and a height of 10-50mm
  • performance: up to 28 portions/min.
  • 200 Kebap programs
  • cutting device
  • 6 filling stations = 2 to 4 working places

Compressed air with a suction performance of approx. 300 litres/min. is necessary.
Condition of compressed air: cleaned, water free, oiled air according to DIN ISO 8573-1 class 5.

As basis machine, the filler F-LINE F260 P is required.

Frey Kebab Line Brochure

Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.