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Jumainox 1000L Agitator Tilting Cooking Vessel


Jumainox 1000L Tilting Cooking Vessel with Scrape Surface Mixing Arm

Processes include; Cooking, Mixing, Sauting & Cooling*

Suitable for:

Sauces, soups & creams, pasta, rice, fillings, meat, chicken & fish based ready meals, vegetables, & cracklings (fat)


Manufactured from stainless steel AISI304 – EN 1.4301. Optional in AISI316 – EN 1.4401.

Robust construction on four height-adjustable legs.

2 screened half covers. On top, 2 sheet half covers. Hydraulically operated on larger models.

The inside of the cooking tank is glazed polished, to prevent sticking of products.

Removable Agitator blades with the position of their arms adjustable in height.Teflon scrapers. Can be removed / reattached in seconds.

Our cookers include thermal isolation made out of high quality stone wool fiber to reduce the heat loss, environmental impact and increase the sustainability of the cooking process, as well as to offer a higher personal protection to the user and increase the process safety.

Corners and weldings-free, to help on cleaning process and avoid any bacterial growth.

Standard with a 7″ HMI Siemens touchscreen controller, enabling the cookers to work in manual or automatic mode. Up to 100 recipes can be stored with 10 individual cooking steps.




External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2660x1800x1670mm
Bowl Diameter 1250mm
Bowl Height 900mm


Cutting blades (turmix)
Automatic cover opening (hydraulic)
Emptying outlet tap
Flow meter
Load cells (weighing)
Remote control (ethernet/Wifi)


Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.