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Frey F52 Vacuum Filler

£32,000.00 £28,750.00 (excl VAT)
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Frey F52 Vacuum Filler Linker 


Fully electronic continual vacuum stuffer for STRAIGHT FILLING, PORTIONING and LINKING with detachable linking gear DHGA and Vector drive.


  • filling power up to 2200 kg / hour
  • filling pressure: 30 bar
  • housing and hopper completely made of stainless steel
  • filling hopper divisible 25/90 liters
  • CAN 60 control
  • portioning range 5-100000 g (5-999 g in 0.1 g steps)
  • Portioning speed max. 300 portions / min.
  • speed and length of portioning pauses infinitely adjustable
  • counter of passage quantity, piece counter, automatic stop control
  • flow-reverse mechanism and adjustable 1st portion weight
  • memory for 99 filling programs
  • electronic pulse CONTROL for clipping machines
  • Total connected load max. 4.4 kW
  • 400 volts, 50 cycles
  • Including accessories and accessories holder


Frey F52 Vacuum Filler Brochure 


Frey offers a vast range of high performing vacuum fillers for the meat, fish, bakery vegetarian, vegan & other food sectors. Frey offers servo driven machines with the SA range, available on all models. Integrated 120L tote bin hoists are available with this model as well as others such as the F160. 200L hoist are also available on the larger industrial models such as the F190 & F260 Vacuum Fillers.


Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.