Ekomex WW-160 Grinder


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The automatic angle grinder is available in the version pre-prepared for the Singriset separating head, which is the original, patented system for extruding meat raw materials with automatic adjustment of the separation pressure.

Such a configured machine becomes a universal and effective low- and high-pressure separator, largely eliminating harder fractions such as: tendons, cartilages, gristles, , bones, hard fat, veins, during the process of grinding meat into a structure from 2 to 7 mm.

When grinding fresh, slightly frozen meat, hard cheeses, the Singriset system can replace the traditional cutting sets based on knives and hole plates.

In terms of the diameter of the sleeve holes 2 ÷ 4/3 ÷ 5/5 ÷ 7 mm, it additionally enables:
– separation of poultry bones (chicken, turkey),
– hole separation of cartilages, pork and beef skins,
– grinding and cleaning cooked meat (culinary meat).

Appropriate construction of the hopper, housing, angular positioning of the screws (feeding and working), their appropriate construction, speed adjustment and speed difference provide even flow of the raw material and good compression on the cutting tools, what provides the proper structure of the cutting.

PLC control enables motor load control, clear operation, current adjustment, programming, archiving and saving of program parameters on the touch panel.


Robust, massive, smoothly polished construction made of stainless steel EN 1.4301.
Hygienic and ergonomic design provides easy operation, cleaning and maintenance.
High quality components

Additional equipment:

* Column loading device for 200 l trolleys. It improves ergonomics and ensures continuity of work.
* VERTICUT system – horizontal knife shaft for initial grinding of frozen blocks to -10 ° C, installed in the hopper.
* VERTIMIX system – horizontal paddle or Z-type mixing shaft – placed above the feeding screw, which works in the REVERSE mode during the PREMIX cycle.

These systems have been developed to increase the range of operation of the machine as well as to improve the uniformity of the feeding the raw material towards the feeding screw.

  • Model
    WW 160 / S5000
  • Hopper volume – without/ with hopper enlargement
    500 / 800 l
  • Diameter of the cutting set
    Ø 160 mm [G160] / Singriset GO-GS160
  • Configuration of standard tools (cutter, sieves, knives)
    3 ÷ 5 częściowa
  • The extent of grinding on the end hole plate
    3 ÷ 35 mm
  • Singriset head configuration
  • The scope of grinding on the sieve filters Singriset
    2÷4 / 3÷5 / 5÷7 mm
  • Main drive
    Power of the 2-speed 24/37 kW, 1-speed 40 kW
  • Frequency inverter for the smooth adjustment of the main worm speed
    Frequency inverter power 45 kW
  • Main worm drive from moto-reducer through cog wheels
    Power of the 1-speed engine 3,6 kW
  • Frequency inverter for the smooth adjustment of the main worm speed
    Frequency inverter power 4,0 kW
  • Possibility of taking out worms
    Main and feeding
  • Control panel and control unit
  • Anti-slide working platform
    On the machine with limit switch
  • Worm discharger
  • Efficiency depending on the raw material, temperature and cutting tools
    1500 ÷ 5000 kg/h
  • Discharge height
    to 200 ltr standard trolley or bigbox containers
  • Sealing of the worm socket
    Multi-step with rinsing channel
  • Loading into containers such as palbox, bigbox

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