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FoodLogistik Classic 96 Dicer

£11,885.00 (excl VAT)

The Foodlogistik Classic 96 dicing machine is constructed from stainless steel and can be used to dice meat and strip cut at up to 850kg per hour.

The meat dicer has a feeding chamber which has a cross section of 90x90mm and maximum length of 310mm. The meat dicing machine can cut in lengths from 0 to 45mm.

Hand diced results are achieved on the dicing machine by using a four dimensional pre-compression that holds the meat firm whilst the extremely long blades slice through the meat and sinew to give perfect separate cubes.

The Classic 96 food dicer is delivered with a multi grid that will quickly adjust to virtually any size thus enabling you to give all your customers exactly what they are looking for without further investment required.

Technical Data:


  • Dicing throughput (Optimum conditions)1100kg/h (18kg/min)
  • Product chamber length310mm
  • Product chamber cross section96x96mm
  • Dicing grid size90x90mm
  • Dicer’s cutting length0-45mm
  • Motor power6kW
  • Dicer’s weight 260kg
  • Dicer’s construction stainless steel


Spares and consumables available. Please call for prices.