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New Bowl Cutters

We hold vast stocks of Mainca, Scharfen & Talsa Bowl Choppers / Cutters. Table top & Floor standing, 1 & 3 phase machines available. Bowl cutters are suitable for a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetarian & vegan products.

Bowl Cutter | Bowl Chopper

High speed cutting machines for size reduction for various food products. Most commonly used to produce emulsion for sausage production. Extremely popular in European markets. 


Test Kitchens – Small Scale

Looking to produce small batches / trials for a new product range? The La Minerva CTE 6 & Scharfen TC11 table top cutters are ideally suited for pilot plants & test kitchens. Simplistic / hygienic design allows for easy cleaning. Available in 1 & 3 phase. Various options available for the Scharfen TC11


Butchery – Medium Production 

Mainca bowl cutters are ideally suited for the butchery industry. They are very popular in the UK & Continental Europe due to their performance, reliability & competitive pricing. Equipped with 2 independent motors (1 for knife rotation & 1 for bowl rotation), they feature 2 cutting speeds as standard (optional variable speed). They can cut frozen meat as cold as -20ºC. Capacities range from 14-75L. Black & White pudding are popular bowl chopped products, especially in Ireland & Scotland. 


Industry – Continuous Production 

Talsa bowl cutters are suitable for industrial applications where continuous operation is required. Independent; powerful & reliable motors are the main reason why we choose to supply Talsa cutters. Extremely popular in the kebab manufacturing industry due to industrial design & competitive pricing. The new NEO range improves the already popular K series with the addition of a 7″ programmable touchscreen controller. Capacities range from 15-200L. Larger floor standing models are available with product loaders & product unloaders. Variable speed & upgraded ‘Power Plus’ motors for heavy applications are also available upon request. Emulsified product is then ready for further processing in the likes of a Frey Vacuum Filler.